Natural Flea Control for Dogs

Finally … a Natural Flea Control For Dogs That Makes It Possible to Get Rid of Fleas Instantly

  • Chemical free
    • Natural
      • 100% Effective

get-rid-of-dog-fleas.jpgChances are pretty good that you have already spent money on some kind of commercial home flea treatment spray or even had a visit from your local pest control operator, yet failed to get rid of your flea problem. The home flea treatment products sold at the hardware store and the nasty chemicals the pest control guys use have something in common; they attempt to kill fleas by attacking your dog’s nervous system with toxic chemicals.

all-about-fleas-on-dogsFleas these days have already developed resistance to these toxic pest control products. They have thus become marginally effective. Pet owners and our beloved dogs have nervous systems too. The consequence of  using  toxic flea sprays and powders causes harm to the health of our dogs and to us.

Best Yet flea spray by CedarCide gets rid of fleas instantly. Unlike the toxic flea treatments, Best Yet is chemical free and safe for people as well as your pets. CedarCide’s Best Yet protocol for killing fleas is completely different from the chemical approach that is familiar to us all. Best Yet gets rid of fleas by attacking their breathing system with the aroma of cedar oil which is deadly to them yet completely harmless to humans and pets.


Best Yet is recommended by prudent veterinarians as a replacement to toxic, ineffective  and highly toxic flea powders and sprays that compromise your dog’s immune system.  These toxic treatments promote dry skin, itching sensations, erratic behavior, convulsions, illness and the premature death of your dog.

In contrast to the disastrous side effects of treatments that attack your precious dog’s nervous system, Best Yet has a 100% money back guarantee and is:

Organic *** Safe*** Natural*** 100% Effective

Best Yet a powerful weapon you can use when needed to battle and win the war against fleas on your dog without having to worry that you have compromised your dog’s immune system or neurological system.


This natural treatment for fleas was originally developed for the US Army at the request of the USDA as a bio-green pesticide alternative to kill the sand fleas plaguing our troops deployed in the Middle East.

Are you also worried about cat fleas? You can use Best Yet to get rid of fleas on any animal.

The truth is that fleas are not picky about who or what they attack. No worries, the Best Yet natural flea treatment by CedarCide will kill fleas of all types, including the eggs and larvae. People have cedar closets because they keep the critters away. Best Yet is formulated on the same, long established principal.

Active Ingredients: Cedar Oil 10%
Inert Ingredients:   Hydrated Silica 90%

get-rid-of-dog-fleasThe 4 ounce Best Yet spray bottle is 7 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  The pleasant smell cedar is soothing to dog owners and, at the same time, prevents fleas from even thinking about hanging out around or on your dog.


Shipping is free to US destinations
Shipping to Destinations Outside the US is $6.95
100% Money Back Guarantee

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Get Rid of Fleas on Your Dog Instantly